About The Contest

The first ever Olympiad of Misguided Geeks contest at Worse Than Failure (or OMGWTF for short) is a new kind of programming contest. Readers are invited to be creative with devising a calculator with the craziest code they can write. One lucky and potentially insane winner will get either a brand new MacBook Pro or comparable Sony VAIO laptop.



Entry #100014: FooCalc

by Adam C.
On the surface, FooCalc is merely another four-function calculator program, but underneath, it is a revolutionary step-backwards in software engineering. Embodying the principles of "thinking inside the box" and "you can't fire me for doing what you told me to do," FooCalc is the defining example of the latest hot new programming fad, "Test Case-Driven Development."

Check out FooCalc's source code and be amazed. You will come to understand the philosophy that "there's no such thing as badly-written software, just badly-written requirements."

Now where's my laptop?

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