About The Contest

The first ever Olympiad of Misguided Geeks contest at Worse Than Failure (or OMGWTF for short) is a new kind of programming contest. Readers are invited to be creative with devising a calculator with the craziest code they can write. One lucky and potentially insane winner will get either a brand new MacBook Pro or comparable Sony VAIO laptop.



Entry #100194: DIYDIA - Do It Yourself and Do It Again

by Athor
* A high quality calculator with unlimited accuracy.
* Infinite precision data type. Dont be limited by small numbers.
* Does not use floating point arithmetics. No need to worry about Pentium floating point errors any more!
* No external dependencies. Easy to debug, maintain and modify.
* Highly optimized. Specialized routines for addition and subtraction. Uses advanced mathematical relations for improved speed.
* Extra fast algorithms for common tasks. Example: Division by 10.

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