About The Contest

The first ever Olympiad of Misguided Geeks contest at Worse Than Failure (or OMGWTF for short) is a new kind of programming contest. Readers are invited to be creative with devising a calculator with the craziest code they can write. One lucky and potentially insane winner will get either a brand new MacBook Pro or comparable Sony VAIO laptop.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?
All of the instructions are on the submission form.

I have a great idea that I can do in C#. Is that acceptable?
Sorry, bucko, C++ only.

What are the prizes?
The grand prize is a laptop. The less glamorous prizes are a surprise.

What's the deadline for entries?
May 14, 2007, 11:59 PM EST.

Hypothetically, let’s say I have an amazing, earth-shatteringly perfect submission for the contest. Maybe I got a little drunk the night before or for whatever reason I didn’t get my submission in on time. I guess what I’m gettting at is that it’s May 15, 2007, and I’ve missed the deadline. Can I still be in the contest? Pleeeeeeeeease?
Sorry, no.

OK, I entered, but I accidentally put my real name, address, email address, social security number, full medical history, and all of my credit card numbers in the code comments. Can I de-enter and resubmit?
As long as it’s before May 14, 2007, 11:59 PM EST. Just let us know via our contact form that you want to retract your first submission and you can reenter.

How many times can I enter?
As many as you want! You can only win one prize, though.

I'm not so keen on C++. Are there any recommended resources for me?
There sure are! Check out our Help and Getting Started page.

Can I use third party libraries?
Yes and no. Check the technical specifications for information about which libraries are allowed.

Can I enter a submission done by a group?
Sure, but the prize will be the same. Just pick one person that represents the group to enter, then you can all fight over the laptop if you win. You’re probably better off just entering alone.

Does my calculator need to have the same interface as a normal calculator?
No. You can even make an iPod-style interface with just a wheel and button if you want. Go crazy. The only rule is that the entire application must be usable by a mouse. If a keyboard is required for any function of the calculator, that function is dead to us. Check the interface requirements page for more.

How much leeway can I have on the test cases? If I have it say "ERROR" instead of "Err" for 1 / 0, is that still legal?
No leeway; your calculator must display the exact output we list. You can, however, have your program do other stuff outside of the calculator's display screen (using alert messages, opening other windows, etc).

What kind of system will the entries be run on?
Windows XP Professional SP 2 or NetBSD 3.1, 2 GHz with 512 MB memory.

NetBSD?! Why aren't you guys using Ubuntu Purple Poodle or some other obscure distro that no one other than me has ever heard of? I'm so writing an open letter on Slashdot about this...
No, dear god, please! Not an open letter! We'd be ruined! Just deal with NetBSD.

Is there an execution time requirement?
No operation should take more than several seconds. If you're afraid that your architecture will run too slow, email us a brief summary of what you want to do and we'll let you know if it's acceptable.

I have a question about an idea I have. I know you said to post it in the forum, but this is a really unique idea that I don't want the thieving WTF community to steal.
Oh, crap, we should've thought of that. Email Alex or Jake using the contact form and we'll get back to you.

How will I find out if I win?
We’ll email you. After you enter, you’ll have to validate your email address.

Aha! You're going to use it to send me spam!
No, we’re going to use it to notify you if you win or with questions about your submission. Sheesh.

This site has sold out! I'm never going to read it ever again!
What’d you say? We can’t hear you from our solid-gold deckchairs on the WorseThanFailure.com yacht where we’re literally up to our ears in caviar.